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Information, not just data –
Foresight, not just hindsight

Our bookkeeping and accounting services help you to have the information you need to make your management decisions in a timely manner. Having current, accurate financial data to work with will enable you to respond quickly to changing circumstances.

This is a far more effective business practice img_services_accountingthan the typical situation of only finding out a month or two after the fact that your financial situation changed and you’ve already missed the opportunity to take appropriate action.

At Wendy Corp, we provide a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services for you to select from. We help you keep your data up to date and accurate so that you can keep on top of your accounts receivable and manage your accounts payable.

Know how you’re spending at all times

Accurate, reconciled data forms a solid foundation for budgeting as well as the need to support insurance audits, tax preparation and financial reports. We help you ensure the financial integrity of your organization. We use simplified forms for accounting and tracking, budget tracking and maintenance and we set your books up for your accountant to save time and money on year end tax preparation.

“Wendy Patten is an excellent and trustworthy bookkeeper. She applies her expert knowledge of accounting systems and Quickbooks to provide our company with superb, flawless, and efficient bookkeeping services. Wendy not only accurately maintains our books, she was also able to clean up our books from previous years to help get our company’s financial reporting on track. We have found Wendy’s services to be critical to our company’s success, and feel confident in our financial systems and records with her on our team.”
– Lori Fineman, Executive Director, Transport Group Theatre Company