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Bookkeeping Services

At Wendy Corp, we provide a full range of bookkeeping service s to enable you to focus on your executive and management responsibilities. Our bookkeeping services will enable you to do what you do best and also give you the financial insight you need to make time sensitive decisions.

Often business owners are forced to hire a full time employee to handle their bookkeeping needs, when in fact there isn’t enough work for a full time person. Rather than hiring and paying another full time employee, you can use Wendy Corp to handle your bookkeeping needs more effectively and efficiently.

Whether you need bookkeeping services to handle all your bookkeeping needs or to supplement your existing bookkeeping staff, Wendy Corp can help.

Located in White Plains NY, we provide bookkeeping services to businesses in the Greater NYC area including Westchester County, Yonkers, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Western Connecticut. We also service the needs of businesses in and around Hardy County, West Virginia.